Tiyaa Enterprises
Welcome Tiyaa Enterprises

Tiyaa Enterprises is one of the leading real estate development,Finance and Investment company specializing in Residential Apartments and Commercial Complex.We are arranging Personal and corporate finance. Tiyaa Enterprises is a real estate investment management firm focused on residential, commercial and retail properties in various place of Coimbatore. The company manages real estate portfolios and delivers strategic, out-sourced services and consulting relating to real estate for regional entities as well as for multi-national corporations. Services offered include Lease Management.
Property Management and Real Estate Investment Consultancy. Tiyaa Enterprises is currently active in Coimbatore, shortly plans to spread its wings to all over Tamilnadu.
We are providing loan services for based on turn over and providng 1 crore and above. loan processing time is maximum 7 working days & minimum 24 hours. Providing personal loan for without a CIBIL credit Score. Also Eligible for Salaried and Self Employed Persons
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